3 Steps To A Healthy Work Life Balance

In the west we get carried away with work sometimes and this can be very detrimental to our health and lifestyle. Unfortunately we are all victims to money sometimes but it’s important to keep on top of it, before it gets out of hand. By following these 3 simple steps you can really see an improvement. I found this on Webmed and followed the guidance for a month. I thought about doing it for a week but I really wanted to give it some effort and I’m definitely a person who can get carried away with work (being self-employed!) So there I went, one month, trying to improve my work/life balance.

Firstly, I scheduled in downtown to my day. This meant, even if work wasn’t done, by 8pm it was time to switch off any work related things. This may seem quite late for some people but I would often sit at my computer working til 11pm. So at 8pm, I put away my things and tried to relax. The first few days were a struggle. When its 7.45pm and you’ve got 30 more emails to go through it’s somewhat frustrating. But this is the problem in the first place, I was forcing myself to do too much in a day. Although I was coping, it was just a matter of how long for before I really started struggling.

I also spent a lot more time planning. Over breakfast I would spend 15 minutes planning the day. This has been a great thing as I’ve noticed my days are a lot more productive now. I’m completing the same amount of tasks in the morning but doing it a lot quicker as I have a plan.

The final step I did was to make sure I had things to keep me busy during the weekends. This was to avoid having quiet weekends because I was too tired from my working week. This happened a lot and was probably a big factor in affecting my work life balance. Even if I didn’t work at weekends, I was so tired, it meant I would rather just sit at home than get out there and do stuff. I’ve made sure I plan things with friends, family and get involved with new activities.

So that’s it… nothing too adventurous but some simple steps that have helped me improve my work life balance.

What do you think?

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